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What Does Substance Abuse Look like in America?

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health 19.7 million American adults battled a substance use disorder in 2017. Almost 74% of those adults suffering from a substance use disorder struggled with alcohol use and 38% with illicit drugs. At New Pathways Clinic, we see substance abuse as part of the larger part of the mental health crisis in America.  8.5 million American adults suffered from both a mental health disorder and a substance use disorder. We know that people often turn to substance use not because there is something wrong with them, but because they are trying to find relief. 

Can Ketamine Infusions Help with Substance Abuse?

Ketamine Infusions can help patients struggling with substance abuse in multiple ways for a variety of substances. Perhaps most exciting is its potential to decrease cravings regardless of substance. “These results suggest that ketamine may facilitate abstinence across multiple substances of abuse [Alcohol, Cocaine and Opioids] and warrants broader investigation in addiction treatment.” (Medical University of South Carolina)

Ketamine has also been shown to help decrease post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS), which often include depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, subdued cognition, and irritability. “Both groups [high and low dose ketamine] showed a positive effect on anxiety, depression, mood, and activity in everyday life.”  (Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 

Despite the promise of Ketamine as a treatment for those struggling with substance abuse, we understand that is just one part of the path to full recovery. We will not treat patients who have not detoxified because the science does not yet support it as an option for treatment at this stage. We fully believe in holistic care and will always encourage our patients to engage in other support systems to ensure the best chance of maintaining their mental wellness.  

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How Does Ketamine Treat the Symptoms of Substance Abuse?

Ketamine’s release of Glutamate through the NDMA receptor has been shown to improve brain functionality in patients with a history of substance abuse. “Converging evidence suggests a single sub-anesthetic dose of the N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist ketamine may work to correct these neuroadaptations and restore motivation for non-drug rewards.” (Columbia University)

Ketamine’s antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects are presumed to occur through activating synaptic plasticity by increasing brain-derived neutrophic factor translation and secretion

Not only does Ketamine work on restoring glutamate imbalances in the brain it is also shown to improve its overall functionality. “Ketamine’s antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects are presumed to occur through activating synaptic plasticity by increasing brain-derived neutrophic factor translation and secretion” (Mt. Sinai Hospital).

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Why Choose New Pathways Clinic for Your Ketamine Infusions for Substance Abuse?

At New Pathways Clinic we see every patient as a human being first and foremost. We are empathetic to those struggling with substance abuse and we will never make you feel stigmatized. With 10 years of experience providing ketamine infusions, you can trust our Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Nora Finnegan to give you the best care possible.

She has treated patients with substance abuse problems before and understands its challenges. We will always work in collaboration with your support system to ensure the best outcome for your treatment and provide referrals within our network if requested. 

Have you detoxified from a substance, but are still experiencing withdrawal symptoms? Despite a genuine desire to not use again, are you still having cravings?

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