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What is Medication Management?

At New Pathways Clinic, medication management refers to the prescription and monitoring of psychiatric medications. It is a service we offer to ensure patients can have all their psychiatric needs met at New Pathways if needed. While some of our nurse practitioners are also family nurse practitioners, we do not offer non-psychiatric medicine management. We offer medication management to patients as a stand-alone service and also to complement our other treatments.

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What Kind of Medication Does New Pathways Clinic Prescribe?

We prescribe a variety of psychiatric medications for almost all psychiatric conditions. The exception is that we do not prescribe Adderall or Vyvanse for ADHD. We can refer you to other providers who can prescribe those medications as-needed. If you need prescription medicines for depression, anxiety, sleep, PTSD, bipolar disorder, and more, we are eager to help you. We also prescribe medications to mitigate side effects from ketamine treatments and Semaglutide injections . New Pathways can also refill existing prescriptions.

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Why Does New Pathways Offer Medication Management?

We understand that most patients already have a doctor or nurse practitioner prescribing their psychiatric medications. If this is the case, we would only refill or prescribe new medications in an emergency. Some of our patients need medication management because they don’t currently have a prescriber of medications, their provider retired, or because they need specialized care beyond what their primary care provider is comfortable providing. If we can fill a need in your care team, we are happy to accommodate!

What is New Pathways’ Goal for Medication Management?

We always want our patients to have comprehensive and holistic mental health treatment. New Pathways also respects patient autonomy and will never strong-arm you into taking a medication you don’t want or believe in taking. We want you to make educated decisions for your own mental wellness. Sometimes this can mean decreasing or coming off a current medication. Other times it may involve us recommending a new medication for symptoms that are not addressed via ketamine. Regardless, the goal is to minimize our patients’ suffering with the least amount of medication necessary.

Why Choose New Pathways Clinic for Medication Management?

New Pathways’ Team has more than a decade of experience in supplementing ketamine with psychiatric medications and we are ready to help provide comprehensive psychiatric care for our clients. With a 70% success rate in a significant reduction of symptoms within weeks, Ketamine infusions provide new hope for relief from treatment-resistant mental health conditions. We also know that Ketamine is not a magic bullet and additional medications can be of benefit for some patients. Contact New Pathways Clinic today and experience the life-changing benefits of our ketamine infusions and our comprehensive psychiatric care.

Contact New Pathways to Schedule an Appointment for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy or to Have Your Questions Answered

At New Pathways Clinic, we are always sensitive to each patient’s unique history and needs. We will never make you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome in our care. Reach out to us today to find out if ketamine-assisted psychotherapy is right for you.


At New Pathways Clinic our heartfelt mission is to establish a holistic mental wellness campus that touches the lives of individuals in the greater Cleveland and Columbus regions. We are dedicated to combining state-of-the-art mental health treatments, like Ketamine infusions and Spravato nasal spray with the expertise of compassionate mental health professionals to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

Our unwavering commitment drives us to continuously evolve and adapt as the scientific landscape of ketamine research expands and diversifies, leading to innovative mental health treatments. We are determined to pave the way for a healthier future for Cleveland and central Ohio. 

New Pathways Clinic also offers NAD+ infusions for longevity and health, Semaglutide & Tirzepatide weight-loss shots, and medication management for psychiatric medications.

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