New Pathways Clinic Survey Quiz – Is Ketamine Right for Me?

When people first hear about Ketamine treatments, some of their early questions are often: “Could Ketamine Help Me?” or “Can I get Ketamine Treatments?” We designed this quiz to answer these questions for you quickly and conveniently. Please answer the questions below to see if Ketamine could be a catalyst for your mental wellness.

Have you been diagnosed with Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, or Bipolar Disorder?

Have you tried two or more psychiatric medications or types of therapy in the past?

Are you currently suffering with moderate to severe psychiatric symptoms?

Are you willing to try a different type of treatment for your mental health and well-being?

Do you feel, if you felt better, that you could make the changes needed for your life to take you in a better direction?

Is Ketamine Right for Me?

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Our mission at New Pathways Clinic is to create a holistic mental wellness campus for the greater Cleveland region, combining cutting edge treatments like Ketamine infusions and Spravato nasal spray with health professionals who are specialized in providing accompanying therapy and lifestyle education. We strive to grow and adapt as the scientific body of research continues to expand and diversify for innovative mental health treatments that will lead Cleveland into a healthier future. When seeking a ketamine clinic or Spravato clinic near you, please consider New Pathways in greater Cleveland.

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