We always tell our patients at New Pathways Clinic about the positive outcomes we see using ketamine treatment as an alternative treatment for depression.

But if you don’t want to take our word for it, now you can hear it from the New York Times as well. A November 4, 2021 article refers to ketamine treatment for depression as a “promising mental health treatment” that works especially well as an alternative to antidepressants of the conventional variety.

What The New York Times Said About Ketamine Treatment 

The article discusses a number of success stories from people reporting that they experienced “immediate relief” after their IV ketamine treatments for depression, and that they “felt completely normal” the morning after their treatment. It is important to know that most patients don’t feel significant relief from their symptoms until somewhere between their 4th and 6th treatment based on our experience. 

The consideration of ketamine as an alternative to antidepressants and talk therapy is highlighted by data showing that interventions are ineffective for 30 percent of those suffering from major depression, and even then, it may take up to two months for people to start showing improvement.

By comparison, receiving a ketamine treatment for depression can show immediate and impactful positive mental health results as soon as the following day. That means patients can get their normal lives back quickly.

The NYT article also references a Stanford University study that showed an “impressive and immediate decrease in symptoms” among patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. That’s in addition to successful trials of patients with bipolar disorder, social anxiety disorder, and major depressive disorder, all showing immediate improvement of symptoms after a ketamine infusion IV treatment.

But is Ketamine IV Treatment Safe?

This information is nothing new if you’ve been following us for a while – we know that ketamine treatment for depression works, and we know how ketamine works. But the article also asks an important question: are ketamine IV treatments safe?

Because ketamine is a fairly new treatment for depression, there is less long-term data on its effects, but ketamine has been approved for use in hospitals since 1970. The data we do have shows that the side effects of ketamine treatment are generally mild and rare, and severe side effects appear even less often, and typically only at very high doses.

For this reason, the experts cited in the NYT article caution against using ketamine outside of a “carefully controlled clinical setting” like the one New Pathways Clinic provides. The benefits definitely outweigh the limited side effects, and with proper administration of treatment, the side effects can be managed and minimized.

That’s why self-medication of ketamine outside of clinical oversight is not recommended, and in some cases, not legal. For example, esketamine – the FDA-approved nasal ketamine treatment for depression – must be administered in an approved clinic, and the patient must be monitored for two hours afterwards to ensure absolute safety.

Ketamine is safe and effective when administered responsibly and professionally, and that’s what we’re here for.

What Does This Mean For Me?

The world is taking notice of ketamine as an alternative treatment for depression. The NYT article itself says ketamine’s effectiveness has “surprised and excited researchers who study mood disorders.” You’re going to start hearing about it more and more as the treatment continues to become more well-known and popular.If you’ve been struggling with depression and are looking for answers, the professionals at New Pathways Clinic can help. Contact us today for a free consultation to see if a ketamine treatment is right for you.

Can Ketamine Prevent Depression and PTSD? Watch this exciting TED Talk from the accomplished Dr. Rebecca Brachman.

“And that means now, in 2016, we still have no cures for any mood disorders, just drugs that suppress symptoms, which is kind of the difference between taking a painkiller for an infection versus an antibiotic. A painkiller will make you feel better, but is not going to do anything to treat that underlying disease. ”

“In the past few years, doctors have discovered probably what is the first truly new antidepressant since the SSRIs, Calypsol, and this drug works very quickly, within a few hours or a day, and it doesn’t work on serotonin.”

“Calypsol has another name, ketamine, which also goes by another name, Special K, which is a club drug and drug of abuse. It’s still used across the world as an anesthetic. It’s used in children. We use it on the battlefield. It’s actually the drug of choice in a lot of developing nations, because it doesn’t affect breathing. It is on the World Health Organization list of most essential medicines.”

” So if we wanted something sooner, ketamine is already FDA-approved. It’s generic, it’s available. We could develop it for a fraction of the price and a fraction of the time.”

“There are no incentives in place once a drug is generic and off patent and no longer exclusive to encourage pharma companies to develop them, because they don’t make money. And that’s not true for just ketamine. That is true for all drugs. Regardless, the idea itself is completely novel in psychiatry, to use drugs to prevent mental illness as opposed to just treat it. ”

“It is possible that 20, 50, 100 years from now, we will look back now at depression and PTSD the way we look back at tuberculosis sanitoriums as a thing of the past. This could be the beginning of the end of the mental health epidemic.”



Who Can Benefit From Ketamine Treatments?

For those patients who have not responded to more traditional mental health treatments, ketamine infusions present a promising new opportunity to find relief from their crippling symptoms.  Recent clinical studies have shown that Ketamine IV infusions are effective for 70 percent of patients with treatment resistant conditions. If prescription medications and therapy has not provided you relief, Ketamine could be the best treatment for you.

Ketamine Works Fast!

Ketamine is such an exciting treatment option, because of how quickly it acts. Many patients experience significant relief from their symptoms after their first treatment. More importantly, the healing is shown to expand with subsequent treatments. Compared to psychiatric medications and therapy that often take months or longer to be effective, Ketamine can provide rapid relief to those who have been suffering for years. 

Backed by recent scientific evidence and professional experience, we know incorporating ketamine in treatment plans currently provides the best chance of achieving mental wellness. There has not been a widely adopted new treatment for mental illness in over 30 years and far too many patients have not found relief from existing treatments.  

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Ketamine Infusions Have a High Success Rate

In treatment resistant populations, Ketamine has consistently shown to be 70% effective in significantly reducing depression and other psychiatric symptoms. Ketamine has even been shown to be 60% effective with patients who have not responded to ECT treatments. Ketamine is still new as a psychiatric treatment and is currently limited to those who have failed with at least two treatments. But for those who have been searching for a treatment that will finally work for them, Ketamine is a miraculous new option.  

Ketamine Infusions Can Provide Lasting Healing

Like any medical treatment, Ketamine has varied effects on patients. Ketamine does more than just silence or numb symptoms, it actually repairs existing and grows new neural pathways in the brain. For some patients it is such a potent healing experience that their psychiatric symptoms remain in remission for years or indefinitely. For the majority of patients, the symptom relief of initial treatment plan lasts for months and can be sustained with a single booster infusion once every few months, until it is no longer needed. At New Pathways our goal is for you to not need to come back! 

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Ketamine is Versatile

One of the most astounding qualities of Ketamine is how complex its effects on brain chemistry are. It works on many areas of the brain through multiple mechanisms. This results it in being incredibly potent at treating a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

Ketamine has been shown in studies to be effective at relieving of the following symptoms:

Depression Intrusive Thoughts Substance Cravings Spinal Cord Pain
Suicidal Ideation Rumination Compulsions Migraines
Anxiety Low Energy Levels Complex Regional Pain Auto-Immune Inflammation Pain

Why Choose New Pathways Clinic for Your Ketamine Treatments?

Nora Finnegan has 10 years of experience treating psychiatric conditions with Ketamine infusions from her time with the Cleveland Clinic. With a 70% success rate in significant reduction of depression and other symptoms, Ketamine infusions provide new hope for relief for those suffering from oppressive symptoms. 

Do medications feel like they are merely treating surface level symptoms?

Have pills and counseling left you feeling like no treatment works for you?

Schedule a free consultation with the experienced team at New Pathways Clinic and see if Ketamine treatments could help you.

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What is a Psychoplastogen?

In a recently published scientific article the team around Olsen et. al coined the term “psychoplastogens”. These are substances with the capacity to promote structural and functional plasticity in the prefrontal cortex area of the brain. Ketamine, as well the serotonergic psychedelics, are considered to be prime examples. Research has shown that they facilitate neuritogenesis in vivo (observed processes in living organisms) and in vitro (conducted with nerve cells outside of living organisms).(

How Can Psychoplastogens Like Ketamine Help with Mental Health?

Olsen et al. argue that one of the major reasons for depression and related psychological illnesses is the atrophy of neurons in the prefrontal cortex caused and aggravated by stress. This atrophy could be counteracted by the utilization of compounds that grow and repair neurons. Instead of the slow degradation of neural circuits from the crippling grip of depression, PTSD or anxiety, Ketamine offers healing and renewal. Up to this day the scientific community has not come to a clear agreement why substances like ketamine (DOI: 10.1111/nyas.12646) or psilocybin  are so successful in the treatment of depression. Ketamine especially is fast-acting and provides a long antidepressive effect. This efficacy could be explained by the fact that it triggers the formation and regeneration of damaged synaptic connections in the prefrontal cortex.

Ketamine is a Proven Psychoplastogen!

Olsen showcased in a different published paper called “Psychoplastogens: A Promising Class of Plasticity-Promoting Neurotherapeutics” the effect of ketamine. With the help of a fluorescence microscope, cortical neurons treated with ketamine were pictured and compared with vehicle-treated neurons (a non-effective compound). Displaying that ketamine significantly increased the dendritic branching. Continuing scientific research is focused on these fascinating findings and only future experiments will show what the potential of these incredible compounds is. We are excited to build upon this established knowledge and to provide Ketamine for your own healing and regrowth.


A new double blinded study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry shows that Ketamine is an effective new option for Chronic PTSD.

“Repeated intravenous (IV) ketamine infusions may significantly reduce the severity of symptoms in individuals with chronic post-traumatic stress disorder”

“The treatment displayed rapid symptom improvements and was generally safe and well-tolerated by patients with chronic PTSD. It is the first randomized controlled trial of repeated ketamine administration for chronic PTSD.”

“Dennis S. Charney, MD, and colleagues said. ‘PTSD is an extremely debilitating condition and we are pleased that our discovery may lead to a treatment option for so many who are in need of relief from their suffering.'”

Read the Full Article Here

Dr. Robert C. Mesiner authors an effective summary of Ketamine and why it is an exciting new option to treat depression.

“Ketamine was once used mainly as an anesthetic on battlefields and in operating rooms. Now this medication is gaining ground as a promising treatment for some cases of major depression, which is the leading cause of disability worldwide”

Why is ketamine exciting for treating depression?

“If a person responds to ketamine, it can rapidly reduce suicidality (life-threatening thoughts and acts) and relieve other serious symptoms of depression. Ketamine also can be effective for treating depression combined with anxiety.

Other treatments for suicidal thoughts and depression often take weeks or even months to take effect, and some people need to try several medications or approaches to gain relief. This is true for talk therapies, antidepressant medicines, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), which is currently the most effective treatment for major depression that fails to respond to other therapies.”

A powerful testimonial of how Ketamine can rapidly provide relief when other treatments have failed. Is her story relatable to yours?

“I had been severely depressed for most of my life, but that summer five years ago, even the most mundane tasks became insurmountable. I spent days on the couch where I rarely spoke, my mind so dull I struggled to form words. I lay awake at night thinking, I can’t go on like this.”

“Thankfully everything changed after my fourth infusion. It was as though a switch had been flipped and my brain lit up. I noticed color creeping back into the world, and the hard knot of dread and dispassion in my chest melted away.”

“My productivity skyrocketed. Within a couple weeks I had cleaned and organized my apartment, applied to and been hired at two jobs, started a meditation practice and begun learning a new language.”

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