Clinic Director - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Lynn Nguyen

Are You a Provider Interested in Ketamine Treatments for Your Patient?

New Pathways Clinic believes that patients will receive the best care if we work in tandem. Our Chief Strategy Officer, Lynn Nguyen, brings a diverse skill set to New Pathways Clinic – with seven years of nursing experience across multiple healthcare fields including ER, PACU, rheumatology, and oncology. In addition, Lynn spent 6 years specializing in administering ketamine treatments under the guidance of the President and founding member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists, and Practitioners (ASKP3). Lynn’s interest in innovative mental health treatments was further inspired by the remarkable progress she witnessed in her patients.

Below is everything you need to know about Ketamine treatments and our referral process. 

What Does the Scientific Literature Say About Ketamine as a Treatment for Depression and PTSD?

According to the CDC, the suicide rate in the USA has been steadily climbing since 1999. Suicide rates increased 33% between 1999 and 2019 and Suicide is now the 10th leading cause of death. It was responsible for more than 47,500 deaths in 2019.  

Researchers have implicated the increase in depression and PTSD as causally related. Ketamine is an invaluable tool to fight Treatment Resistant Depression, PTSD, and suicidal ideation. Other studies from respected institutions such as Columbia University, Yale, the National Institutes of Mental Health, and the Department of Defense, have demonstrated the efficacy of low-dose ketamine infusions to effectively treat these conditions: 


What is Required to Start Treatments for My Patient?

To begin treatment for your patient, we will need patient identifying information, as well as relevant medical records. To start this process, please fill out our Electronic Patient Referral or download and fax us the Referring Provider Form at 440-201-6400. Alternatively, you can always contact New Pathways Clinic at 4409738400 or [email protected].


Ketamine for PTSD is a growing treatment option and proudly offered at New Pathways Clinic

What Does New Pathways Clinic Do?

New Pathways Clinic provides evidence-based solutions for mental health, in accordance with the most recent science in the field. Our primary treatment of low-dose ketamine infusions is effective in relieving symptoms of Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD), PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, and Anxiety.  

Our policies and procedures were developed based on first-hand participation in Cleveland Clinic’s ketamine infusion research that was ongoing for over 10 years. Our patients’ evidence-based improvements are reported to you upon request. 


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What is New Pathways Clinic’s Goal for Treating Your Patients?

Our goal at New Pathways Clinic is to offer an adjunct therapy to the treatment you are already providing your patient. We want to collaborate with you to provide the most effective treatments available for your patients.  

Our screening protocols include relevant mental health scales, substance abuse screening, medical history assessment, pregnancy tests for women who are in child-bearing years, and blood tests when necessary. As part of this screening process, clarification of past psychotropic treatments and responses will be also be obtained.  

Once clinical appropriateness is determined, ketamine infusion treatment will involve a sub-anesthetic dose given slowly, monitored continuously by RN’s, and built around the best practices set forth by the American Psychiatric Association. 

Where Can I Find More Research on Ketamine Treatments?

Please see our Ketamine Research Portal for more studies and information. We will continue to keep it updated as dozens of large and exciting trials from venerated institutions in the USA and around the world are ongoing! 


At New Pathways Clinic our heartfelt mission is to establish a holistic mental wellness campus that touches the lives of individuals in the greater Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati regions. We are dedicated to combining state-of-the-art mental health treatments, like Ketamine therapy infusions and Spravato nasal spray, with the expertise of compassionate mental health professionals to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, migraines, and bipolar disorder.

Our unwavering commitment drives us to continuously evolve and adapt as the scientific landscape of ketamine research expands and diversifies, leading to innovative mental health treatments. We are determined to pave the way for a healthier future for Cleveland, central Ohio, and southern Ohio.

New Pathways Clinic also offers Semaglutide & Tirzepatide weight-loss shots, ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and  ketamine/Spravato support groups for patients.

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