Millions of people suffer from bipolar disorder, but a revolutionary approach may be able to provide new levels of relief. At New Pathways Clinic of Cleveland, we offer ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder to patients who don’t respond to standard medications. In recent years, ketamine treatments have proven effective against a number of mental health disorders, particularly bipolar disorder. Our goal is to provide our patients with a new kind of bipolar treatment so they can experience the life-changing results they deserve. If you suffer from bipolar disorder and no other medication has provided relief, schedule a free consultation to see if ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder is right for you.

Ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder provides relief from depressive and compulsive symptoms

What is Bipolar Disorder?

5.7 million adult Americans are estimated to suffer from bipolar disorder each year, and almost 10 million people will develop it sometime during their lifetime. Bipolar disorder tends to present on a spectrum with varying experiences of mania and depression from patient to patient.  While manic and hypomanic episodes can produce an elevated mood, high energy levels, and a reduced need for sleep, they also produce irritability, emotional outbursts, and uncontrollable thought patterns.

While manic episodes can be dangerous, depressive episodes for Bipolar patients tend to be much longer-lasting and more debilitating, with loss of motivation, energy, and profound sadness as major symptoms. While Ketamine cannot cure bipolar disorder or prevent manic episodes, ketamine treatments for bipolar disorder can provide incomparable relief from depressive and impulsive symptoms. One of our goals is to teach the public about ketamine treatments, so they are aware of new ways to get relief from debilitating bipolar symptoms and other mental health disorders.

Effective Ketamine Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

Ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder or depression can provide significant relief for 70% of patients within one week of starting treatments. “Ketamine’s remarkable rapid, robust, and sustained antidepressant effects are considered to be ‘arguably the most important discovery in half a century’ for depression research.”(Harvard Medical School) (Yale School of Medicine) Ketamine has shown no difference in its potency of relief for bipolar depression versus unipolar depression.

Interestingly, Ketamine is also effective at treating other symptoms of bipolar disorder. “Our preliminary results suggest that IV ketamine is effective in rapidly treating anxiety, irritability, and suicidal ideation in adults with treatment-resistant mood disorders.” (Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit)

Ketamine also shows promise in helping Bipolar patients with anxiety issues. “A study of patients with anxious and non-anxious bipolar depression found that both anxious and non-anxious patients with bipolar depression had significant antidepressant responses to ketamine.” (National Institute of Mental Health)

There is a wealth of information available regarding the efficacy of ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder. We urge you to learn more about the miraculous results top medical professionals have found through their research.

New Pathways Clinic of Cleveland offers help for those afflicted with bipolar disorder by supervised IV infusions that provide ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder

How Does Ketamine Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Work?

Ketamine produces different effects in the brain than anti-depressants commonly prescribed for bipolar disorder, by increasing the transmission of glutamate through its interaction with the NMDA receptor. “A single subanesthetic dose infusion of the noncompetitive NMDA receptor antagonist ketamine has been shown to have rapid and potent antidepressant effects in treatment-resistant Bipolar Depression.” (National Institute of Mental Health)

Just as importantly, Ketamine is a proven agent of neuroplasticity and shows promise as a mood regulator, by increasing levels of BDNF in the brain.

This suggests the use of ketamine as a viable treatment option for bipolar patients, given that ketamine increases BDNF expression.

Several clinical studies have demonstrated decreased levels of BDNF in bipolar patients during depressive and manic episodes. Other studies have shown that low levels of BDNF are associated with an increased severity of bipolar episodes This suggests the use of ketamine as a viable treatment option for bipolar patients, given that ketamine increases BDNF expression” (Bipolar Disorder Research Program).

Ketamine often eliminates depression, ruminations, anxiety, and behavior patterns that have long been resistant in bipolar patients and their treatment. While it is not a complete, comprehensive treatment for bipolar disorder, Ketamine shows great promise as a new tool to improve patients’ lives.

Ketamine for PTSD is a growing treatment option and proudly offered at New Pathways Clinic

Why New Pathways is the Right Choice for Ketamine Treatment for Bipolar Disorder

New Pathways Clinic believes in personalized treatment for each patient with bipolar disorder. We understand its complexity and nuances and want to guide you through this promising new treatment option safely. We will not treat patients whilst they are in the midst of a manic or hypo-manic episode and will always act in your best interest.

Additionally, we will always collaborate with your primary providers and provide holistic care. Our policies and procedures were developed based on first-hand participation in Cleveland Clinic’s ketamine infusion research that was ongoing for over 10 years. 

Have your depressive episodes of bipolar disorder been unresponsive to medications?

Have you struggled with reducing intrusive thoughts, irritability, and emotional swings?

Have you considered how ketamine treatment for bipolar disorder could change your life for the better?

Then reach out and schedule a free phone consultation with our experienced team today. You can also learn more about this fascinating chemical that is improving the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals – discover more on Ketamine here.


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