Ketamine infusions are becoming well known as an effective treatment for mental health conditions in the medical community. Insurers are slowly adapting to the scientific and real-life evidence of their benefit and New Pathways clinic is actively working to accelerate this process. We will help you maximize the coverage for the treatments and you will always know your coverage before treatment.

Insurance Coverage for Ketamine Infusions

With our experience in dealing with insurance companies for Ketamine infusions, we will always do our best to maximize your insurances coverage of the treatments. All you have to do is provide your health insurance card and  we will do the rest! Based experience, we know most patients will have a significant portion covered. 

Insurance coverage varies from patient to patient even if they have the same health insurance plan. Because Ketamine is not an FDA approved treatment for mental health, we cannot guarantee you there will be coverage.

Payment for IV Ketamine Infusions

As an independently operated clinic, please understand that we require upfront payment for Co-pays, Co-insurance, Deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs. HSA/FSA Cards, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Money Orders, or patient financing with Advanced Care are all acceptable forms of payment.  

What is Advanced Care and How Can I Apply?

Advanced Care is a financing service with zero interest monthly payment installments and flexible terms. This allows you to pay for your course of treatments over time without extra cost. New Pathways can help you apply upon request or see the link below to learn more and apply: 

Please click here or below to utilize the financing services of Advance Care. 

Discounts for Ketamine Infusions

New Pathways Clinic believes in giving back to our veterans, first responders, and vulnerable populations. Ask about these discount options during your free phone consultation if they apply to you.  

Additionally there is also a $200 discount for pre-paying for your infusion treatment plan in full.

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Insurance Coverage for Spravato

Spravato can be fully covered by insurance if it is authorized by your insurance provider. We will always work with your insurance provider to try and make the pre-authorization process as smooth as possible. Your Co-pay or amount due will vary depending on your insurance plan. We recommend every private insurance patient investigate whether they are eligible for Jenssen’s Care Path Plan to see if they can qualify for co-pays as low as $10. 


Good Faith Estimates Available Upon Request

You may obtain a good faith estimate of our charges upon request prior to scheduling with us.

The No Surprises Act is a federal law which provides you with the right to a good faith estimate of the cost of services at our practice.  However, Ohio licensing board rules require us to provide you with the actual cost of our charges in a written informed consent form to which you must agree prior to our providing services.  That will be available to you prior to you being seen for services and prior to any billing.  In most cases it is impossible to estimate how many sessions you will need, and that will not be determined until your concerns are evaluated and will also vary based on the progress that you make, which depends in part on your efforts with the process.  You will be free to discontinue services at any time or the services may otherwise be terminated in accordance with the informed consent form language.

New Pathways Clinic Cancellation Policy

New Pathways Clinic has an Appointment Cancellation Policy. A cancellation made with less than a 48 hour notice significantly limits our ability to make the appointment available for another patient in need. To remain consistent with our mission, we have instituted the following policy:

1. Please provide our office a 48-hour notice in the event that you need to reschedule your appointment. This will allow us the opportunity to provide care to another patient. A message can always be left with the answering service to avoid a cancellation fee being charged.
2. A “No-Show”, “No-Call” or missed appointment, without proper 48-hour notification, may be assessed a $50 fee.
3. This fee is not billable to your insurance.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please let our staff know and we will be glad to clarify any questions you have.

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Why Choose New Pathways Clinic for Your Ketamine Treatments?

Nora Finnegan has 10 years of experience treating psychiatric conditions with Ketamine from her time with the Cleveland Clinic. With a 70% success rate in significant reduction of depression and other symptoms, Ketamine treatments provide new hope for relief for those suffering from oppressive symptoms. 

Do medications feel like they are merely treating surface level symptoms? Have pills and counseling left you feeling like no treatment works for you? 

Schedule a free consultation with the experienced team at New Pathways Clinic and see if Ketamine treatments could help you.


Check out the Patient FAQ’s or learn more about us here.
Also, feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have.


Our mission at New Pathways Clinic is to create a holistic mental wellness campus for the greater Cleveland region, combining cutting edge treatments like Ketamine infusions and Spravato nasal spray with health professionals who are specialized in providing accompanying therapy and lifestyle education. We strive to grow and adapt as the scientific body of research continues to expand and diversify for innovative mental health treatments that will lead Cleveland into a healthier future. When seeking a ketamine clinic or Spravato clinic near you, please consider New Pathways in greater Cleveland.

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