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Since the year 2000, clinicians and researchers have been intrigued and excited with the results of ketamine as a therapeutic treatment option for many mental health conditions and afflictions. Originally employed as an anesthesia agent with fewer complicating factors than some other anesthesia drugs, ketamine is becoming known by mental health practitioners and psychiatrists as a potent treatment option for clinical depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and anxiety disorders

There’s much to understand and learn about ketamine and its efficacy in helping individuals manage and even overcome treatment-resistant mental health conditions. This section of our website is dedicated to providing the latest information, research and scientific discoveries on ketamine. New Pathways Clinic will continue to update these pages as helpful information is made available by the medical and psychiatric communities. Please follow the links below.

Learn about Ketamine Infusions

Learn about Ketamine Infusions
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Learn How Ketamine Works

Learn How Ketamine Works

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Read Ketamine Therapy FAQs

Read Ketamine FAQs

Read Ketamine Research Findings

Read Ketamine Research Findings

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