Ketamine for migraines offers pain relief from these debilitating attacks

What Are Migraines?

Migraines are a chronic and painful neurological condition. According to the American Migraine Foundation, at least 39 million Americans deal with migraines – and those are the stats just for individuals who report on the condition! There is no agreed upon cause of migraines – both genetics and environment appear to be factors. There is also no definitive treatment to turn to for complete or lasting relief by itself. What we do know about migraines is that their symptoms are debilitating for the people who experience them. Migraine attacks can last hours or even days and often prevent the maintaining of your ordinary life – work, school, recreation, family life all suffer from these painful occurrences.

What Are the Symptoms of Migraines?

  • Throbbing and Pulsing Pain in the Head (Often on One Side) 
  • Sensitivity to Light and Sound 
  • Nausea and Vomiting 
  • Auras (Visual, Auditory, and Physiological Distortions Prior to the Attack) 
  • Neck Stiffness, Mood Changes, and Constipation (Prior to Attacks) 

A happier life with less pain and disruption is possible with ketamine for migraines as administered by New Pathways Clinic of Cleveland

How Can Ketamine For Migraines Help?

One reason Ketamine infusions are promising for migraines is because they can stop an attack immediately. “Pre-treatment pain scores ranged from 9 to 10. All patients achieved a target pain level of 3 or less for 8 hours” (Journal of Headache and Pain). Ketamine infusions also show some promise for improving the neurochemistry in the brain to prevent further attacks. 

Ketamine for migraines is one of the only treatments for migraines that works by increasing glutamate in the brain by interacting with the NDMA receptor. “The simplest and most elegant explanation proposed for ketamine’s chronic pain–relieving properties is that it ‘resets the CNS,’ in essence reversing the deleterious effects of central sensitization by virtue of its NMDA-receptor antagonistic effects.” (Journal of Chronic and Interventional Pain) 

While Ketamine is currently an experimental treatment for migraines that still requires further research, a retrospective study completed by Dr. Andrew Sewell produced promising results: 

  • In 162 patients with Refractory Migraines, 150 reported greater than 50% reduction in their pain. 
  • In 39 patients with Chronic Migraine, 26 reported greater than 50% reduction in their pain. 

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Why Choose New Pathways Clinic for Ketamine for Migraines?

At New Pathways Clinic, we are empathetic with patients who struggle with Migraines. We understand that many of these individuals have not found relief with traditional treatments. With 10 years of experience providing ketamine infusions, you can trust our Family Nurse Practitioner, Nora Finnegan, to provide professional care.   

New Pathways and Nora are experts at providing ketamine treatments, but we are not pain management specialists. With that in mind we require approval or a referral from your primary care provider. We will always work in collaboration with the doctor in charge of your pain management to ensure they are updated of your progress. 

Do you need an option for emergency relief from long-lasting migraine attacks? Do other treatments provide only fleeting or insignificant relief? Have you considered the promising option of ketamine for migraines for your treatment?

Then ask your primary provider if ketamine infusions for migraines could be a part of your treatment plan and reach out to us. Please read what our patients have to say about our ketamine treatments and facilities in order to get a better picture on our operations and success rate.

You can also contact us directly via our online form with any specific questions you may have on our ketamine infusions for migraines and other mental health conditions we treat at New Pathways Clinic.


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