Our Health and Wellness Partners

New Pathways Clinic believes in a holistic approach to mental wellness. We know that outcomes of ketamine treatments are scientifically shown to improve with conjunctive therapy. We also know that sleep, diet, and physical wellness are vital to mental health. With that in mind, we have cultivated a network of trusted and reliable partners who can provide vital services and products that we do not offer at New Pathways Clinic.

Stella Luna Therapy & Wellnesswww.Stellalunatherapy.com440-879-8517

Stella Luna is our trusted partner for therapy and mindfulness services. They specialize in treating trauma and anxiety and we trust them with our patients unconditionally. They will be opening a new location with yoga and wellness services right down the street from New Pathways Clinic in July.

Club Rechargewww.rechargemybody.com440-567-1146

Club Recharge is a unique a wellness practice that offers an incredible array of health and wellness treatments with an affordable monthly membership. We value that they have made what are typically cost-prohibitive treatments accessible by bundling them into a monthly membership rate.

IV Restorationwww.ivrestoration.com 440-290-1229

IV Restoration offers a variety of micronutrient IV infusions and Injections. For people who suffer from vitamin deficiencies, digestive issues, or who are just looking for an immunity boost or energy boost, this is an immediate and effective solution. We value that their services can be judged by how much better you feel the very day of treatment.

CBD American Shamanwww.cbdamericanshaman.comParma Heights, North Olmsted, Lakewood, Brunswick.

With multiple locations and an online store, we trust their quality-assured CBD products for multiple wellness purposes. Their staff is well-educated, we recommend visiting one of their Greater Cleveland Locations for personalized care.

Rebecca Van Houtewww.findthebeautiful.com/ – Rebecca is a local artist who has supplied a good amount of the artwork for our clinic. She also has an art therapy coloring book available on Amazon. Please check out her book and website for more of her work!


If you have questions about any of our health & wellness partners, please do not hesitate to reach-out to us here for more information. You can also read Ketamine FAQs and Spravato FAQs for a deeper understanding on these remarkable treatment options for improving your mental health and clarity. Lastly, we offer a free phone consultation to determine if our ketamine infusions can be beneficial to you. Please engage with us if you’re ready for a new lease on life and better treatment outcomes in the Cleveland region!


Our mission at New Pathways Clinic is to create a holistic mental wellness campus for the greater Cleveland region, combining cutting edge treatments like Ketamine infusions and Spravato nasal spray with health professionals who are specialized in providing accompanying therapy and lifestyle education. We strive to grow and adapt as the scientific body of research continues to expand and diversify for innovative mental health treatments that will lead Cleveland into a healthier future. When seeking a ketamine clinic or Spravato clinic near you, please consider New Pathways in greater Cleveland.

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