Steve Suntala

Steve Suntala is the Executive Director of New Pathways Clinic. Motivated by his own success in achieving remission for psychiatric diagnoses, he opened the clinic to help others struggling with mental health to achieve mental wellness. He has designed New Pathways Clinic to be a welcoming environment, free of stigma and judgement.  

A graduate of Ohio State University with a major in Psychology, Steve has continued learning about new treatments available in the realm of mental health. Through his work with the medical staff at the clinic, scholarly consumption of research papers, and participation in multiple patient forums, he will always be ready to answer any questions and provide relevant information to patients and their families. In addition to the services New Pathways Clinic currently provides, Steve is always on the look-out for new treatments and research that can be beneficial to patients.

Our mission at New Pathways Clinic is to create a holistic mental wellness campus for the greater Cleveland region, combining cutting edge treatments like Ketamine infusions and Spravato nasal spray with health professionals who are specialized in providing accompanying therapy and lifestyle education. We strive to grow and adapt as the scientific body of research continues to expand and diversify for innovative mental health treatments that will lead Cleveland into a healthier future. When seeking a ketamine clinic or Spravato clinic near you, please consider New Pathways in greater Cleveland.

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