Understanding How Spravato Works: The Mechanism Behind Its Antidepressant Effects

August 17, 2023 by Steve Suntala

Mental health conditions like depression can severely impact an individual’s quality of life. While traditional treatments like therapy and oral antidepressants have proven effective for many, there is a subset of patients who fail to experience relief from these interventions. This is known as treatment-resistant depression.

Fortunately, medical advancements have led to the development of new treatment options, one of which is Spravato Nasal Spray.

What Is Spravato?

Spravato is the brand name for esketamine, a medication specifically approved by the FDA for the treatment of treatment-resistant depression. It is an innovative and promising treatment that has shown positive results in clinical trials and offers hope to patients who have not responded to other therapies.

Depression affects an estimated 280 million people worldwide, making it a prevalent and serious mental health condition. For those suffering from treatment-resistant depression, the impact can be debilitating, leading to persistent feelings of sadness, loss of interest, low energy, changes in appetite or sleep patterns, and even suicidal thoughts.

How Does Spravato Work?

Traditional antidepressant medications target serotonin or norepinephrine imbalances in the brain. However, for some individuals, these treatments are ineffective. This is where Spravato comes in, offering an alternative treatment pathway.

Spravato is a nasal spray that is self-administered in a healthcare setting under the guidance and supervision of a healthcare provider. The nasal spray contains esketamine, a derivative of ketamine, which is a controlled substance primarily used for anesthesia. Ketamine has shown great potential in the treatment of depression, and Spravato builds upon this promise by providing a more accessible and convenient option.

By acting on different receptors in the brain than traditional antidepressants, Spravato may be able to provide relief for individuals who have not responded to other treatments. Its unique mechanism of action is believed to help regulate mood disorders by promoting the growth of synapses and supporting the release of molecules associated with mood stabilization.

What Happens During a Treatment Session?

During a Spravato treatment session at New Pathways, the patient self-administers the nasal spray under the guidance of a healthcare professional. It is important to note that Spravato must be administered in conjunction with an oral antidepressant medication, as it is not a standalone treatment. Together, these treatments can tackle depression symptoms more effectively.

Like any medication, Spravato has potential side effects. The most common side effects reported in clinical trials include:

  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • dissociation
  • an increase in blood pressure

These side effects are often short-lived and resolve themselves relatively quickly. Nonetheless, it is crucial to have access to the medication in a healthcare setting where healthcare providers can monitor and manage these potential effects.

Spravato Nasal Spray at New Pathways Clinic

Spravato represents a significant step forward in the treatment of treatment-resistant depression. By providing an alternative therapy for individuals who have not responded to traditional treatments, it offers hope for those who have endured years of suffering. As with any medication, it is essential to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if Spravato is the right treatment option for you. They can evaluate your symptoms, medical history, and overall health to determine the best course of action.

Spravato offers a new and innovative solution for individuals with treatment-resistant depression, revolutionizing mental healthcare and addressing an unmet need. By targeting different receptors in the brain and promoting the growth of synapses, Spravato shows great potential in providing relief for individuals who have not responded to traditional antidepressants.

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